Helmet of Salvation 

Memory Verse: Ephesians 6: 13
Put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm.

At Home Conversations:

Bring out all sorts of hats and helmets for your kids to try on and have fun

Ask your child:
In what way does this hat protect your head? What does it  protect from?
(ie: a ball cap helps keep the sun out of their eyes, a toque keeps warmth in, Cowboy hat keeps the rain off, a helmet keeps their skull and brain safer)

God’s Salvation protects us from ever being separated from God.  When you ask Jesus to forgive you from sin and declare that Jesus is the son of God then you can never be separated from God again.

Read Act 9: 1-22 Paul’s conversion:

Then ask:  
What is sin? (Romans 8: 23)
What does it mean to be saved?
What are we saved to become and do? (Act 13:47, Acts 1:8, Mat 28:19-20)
Who do we become when we are saved? (Act 13:47)

Ask your  Child:  Are there any lies you are believing? Ask God to wipe them away.

Encourage your child to write or draw the lie they are believing about themselves or others down.  Then have your child take that paper to a shredder or cut it up.  Explain that a lie has power over our lives only if we give it power.   Pray with your child and speak the truth to them about how God sees things, God has good plans for them.


Colouring Page

Click – Download – Print off this customized
C3 Kids coloring page
from Tamara D.



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What you need:
Projectiles: Cheetos, cheerios,marshmallows, popcorn
Helmet: shower cap, helmet wrapped in saran wrap, swim cap
Glue for projectiles: shaving cream, whip cream, peanut butter, 

Put your “Helmet on” and put the “glue” on the helmet and in 1 minute see how many projectiles you can get on the helmet. Send in the number you caught.  The person with the most stuck on the helmet will win a prize. Take videos or photos and tag us @c3calgarywest or @c3calgaryeastvillage or email  c3kid@myc3church.ca.



Parent Questions:

What did God ask Noah to do?

Who kept Noah and the animals safe from the flood?

Dear Parents,

Leading your child into a relationship with Jesus is a role God has placed on you. The tabs below are designed to help you:
1. Spark faith conversation with your child,
2. Have scripture reference as you lead your child to know Jesus as savior
3.  Lead your child follow Jesus with their whole heart.

 TIP : Share your story about how you came to accept Jesus as saviour to your child.