What would it be like to be growing in relationship with God, in a community of people who know you, and encourage and support you in life. A place where it felt like family?

In the Bible the church met together in the temple and in homes.

As a C3 church family, we believe in the power of the big gathering, at weekend services and in the small gathering, in communities and homes. Groups exist to make community accessible and regular in your life as you deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ.


Each group is a little different, but with the same heart

There are many ways for you to find genuine friendship here! Friendship that strengthens you to become a true Disciple of Jesus Christ, alongside people who wholeheartedly love God and are moved to share His love in our communities. A true disciple is one who loves and follows Jesus, allowing their faith to become alive in their behaviours. Each group is a little different, but all share the same heart; to see our people cared for and growing.

Connect Groups

A safe place for you to come and find authentic friendships and intentional discipleship in Christ. 

Life Courses

Life Courses are one of the many ways that we grow as disciples. These courses are chosen based on the current needs of our body and the expertise we have to lead them. Scroll below to see what kind of courses we offer.

Find Your Connect Group

Young Adults Connect Group

Young Adults

A group of 18-30’s who gather together for Bible studies, hikes, board game nights etc.





A group of women who gather in both small and large groups, to lead and inspire one another.

Wednesdays &

First Thursday of the month

10:00 am


Harder's Connect Group

Jay + Joni Harder

We’re a Connect Group for all walks of life growing and learning together as we study what the word of God has to say.


5:00-7:00 PM

Mielnichuk's Connect Group

Mitch + Jocelyn Mielnichuk

A safe place for couples to share life and study the Bible together.


7:00-9:00 PM

Tiffany and Nicole's Connect Group

Tiffany Wiedrick + Nicole Vanmeetelen

A safe place for ladies to come together and grow in friendship with one another and with Jesus


6:00-8:00 PM

Miles' Connect Group

Paul + Jackie Miles

A loving place where life is done together and faith is grown through study and prayer. 


7:30-9:30 PM

Ulrich's Connect Group

Brad + Shelby Ulrich

A safe place for couples relate to one another through life while studying the Bible together


6:30-8:30 PM

Linden's Connect Group

Linden Ellefson

Men discovering together their God given identities.


Caterina and Emilia's Connect Group

Caterina Oliverio, Emilia Davis

Women on a journey with each other going through book studies.



Life Courses

We have a core passion at C3Church to see you continue to grow and succeed in every dimension of your life.

Over the years we have observed and heard from others that our anointing as a church seems specifically to be most noticeable in the areas of Relationships, Health & Finances.

It is our hope that you will find that out first hand as you sign up and become part of our learning community through each of our “Life Courses” that we offer throughout the year. These courses are chosen based on the current needs of our body and the expertise we have to lead them.


Parenting Courses
Marriage and pre-marriage Courses
Young Adults Courses
Leadership Training


Bible Study Courses
Alpha Course
Following Jesus Course
Healing Ministry Courses
Prayer Training


Financial Peace Course
Stewardship Course
Generosity Course
Business/ Marketplace Courses