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July 5th Lesson


Belt of Truth 

Memory Verse: Ephesians 6: 13
Put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm.

At Home Conversations:

Parents: Have your kids


Read: Act 7:54-60 Stephen and the truth.

John 14: 6 Jesus is the truth.  The truth of God holds us strong and together even in hard times.

Colossians 1:17 – God holds everything together.

The belt of truth is one of the first pieces of armor to put on to hold all things together.

  1. What is the truth?

  2. How do you know what is truth?

  3. What truth does God speak about you?

  4. How does God ask us to speak and live the truth?

  5. Is there a time that speaking the truth is not the right thing to do?



Sometimes it is hard to know what is the truth and what is a lie. The world can tell us lies about ourselves, God and others. God will always show us the truth.

Check that you are hearing and sensing it from God, by praying, looking in God’s word,  and then ask someone who has been following Jesus for a long time that you can trust.  Truth will always  line up with God’s character.

Have your kids find a quiet spot to worship, listen and respond to the truth that God says about them or a situation.


Colouring Page

Click – Download – Print off this customized
C3 Kids coloring page
from Tamara D.



Junk in your trunk challenge 

What you need:
Kleenex box
8 ping pong balls
Ribbon, or a belt (thread through the box) 

1. Tie a box around the waist of each player, and turn it around so the box is in the back.
Add several ping pong balls (we used these beer pong balls) to the tissue boxes.
Players must get all the ping pong balls out of their boxes without using their hands.
Time this and send in your time. 



Parent Questions:

What did God ask Noah to do?

Who kept Noah and the animals safe from the flood?

Dear Parents,

Leading your child into a relationship with Jesus is a role God has placed on you. The tabs below are designed to help you:
1. Spark faith conversation with your child,
2. Have scripture reference as you lead your child to know Jesus as savior
3.  Lead your child follow Jesus with their whole heart.

 TIP : Share your story about how you came to accept Jesus as saviour to your child.

Route 56 (Gr 5- 6)

We will be gathering again in person in the fall. So stay tuned for whats to come for our Grade 5-6s this year!