Creating atmospheres for people to connect with Jesus

We are all about seeing creative people find their fit in the house of God.

We consider it the greatest privilege to be able to serve the church through our creative expressions.

We are passionate about the presence of God and live to see people encounter His presence through creative expression.


We are looking for talented individuals interested in getting involved!

See below for the different areas that you can get involved in!



Audio:  Ensure all audio requirements are met and work closely with the Worship Team to ensure appropriate audio levels and mix are achieved... so you can have a beautiful worship expression.

Lighting:  The lighting team creates various lighting mixes which engage people and draw them into the various service elements.  Plus it helps that they have the best view of the place



Vocals: To be a worship vocalist is so much more than just singing songs! We are called to create an atmosphere where we can lead people into the Lord’s presence. This requires a sensitive spirit, a personal worship life, and ENERGY. 

Musicians: One thing we value in our team is the balance between excellence and FREEDOM! We know that they go hand-in-hand, so we encourage all of our musicians to constantly be pushing their knowledge and skill so that we can push our creativity and capacity and create a space for people to meet with Jesus!



Service Coordinators:  These are our world-class whizzes!  They coordinate the smooth running of all service elements and provide the communication link between all the teams.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Screen Operators: In the ‘olden days’ we had overhead projector operators…now we have a dedicated team who operate the ‘word-to-screen’ requirements of all services and ensure message scriptures are formatted and slides created.  And if you happen to leave your car lights on, then they let you (and everyone else) know too!

Film & Photography: Steady hands….a creative eye….quality shots, that’s what we like to do to capture the expressions, events, and the heart of our church. A place to express creativity in moments or for larger scale productions.



Multimedia:  Our multimedia geniuses create graphics and images to be used through out the church. Whether social media, multi media or Sunday screens, it’s about engaging people and enhancing our image.



Our Team

“ One of the best things about being a creative is that we are hard-wired to be sensitive to the Spirit and it is that openness of heart which allows us to so quickly enter into worship and communion with the Father. You….have been chosen, you have been called and you have been justified. It is in Him that you live, breathe, move and have your being and there has never…is never…nor will there ever be a day that the Father is uncertain of choosing you.” Simone Ramkissoon

  • Steven Flight
    Steven Flight MUSICIANS

    VISION: To help foster an environment for musicians to grow in their skill and express their creativity in a God glorifying way.  Regardless of musical ability or experience, we consistently should be expanding our skills, so as a team we want to provide a variety of different avenues to be equipped. Worship music is an outer expression of an internal love for Jesus so continually growing our relationship with God is crucial for us to be able to lead people into his presence more and more.

  • Becca Garnett
    Becca Garnett VOCALS

    VISION: To assist in creating an atmosphere where people are meeting with Jesus.  Our goal is to bring vocal excellence and leadership to every church service and event so that people feel safe, comfortable and excited to worship! One of our goals for team development is to host vocal and theory workshops and make available one-on-one sessions so that our singers and song leaders feel confident.

  • Corey Garnett
    Corey Garnett PRODUCTION

    VISION: To create an atmosphere through technical excellence where people can meet and experience the transformative power of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to employ current tactics and cutting edge technology to aide in the flow of a church service, event or conference.